A versatile solution with minimal disruption for floors, benches, staircases and walls

Micro-topping is a flooring method whereby a thin layer of cement is layered over an existing floor – whether it’s wood, ceramic or concrete. As such, it allows for the rejuvenation of a space without the need to remove the existing base. 

It is quick to apply and results in a smooth and continuous surface, suited to anything from a domestic or hospitality environment to office and commercial spaces. As well as being used for standard flooring, it can also be applied to walls, benches and staircases to achieve a sophisticated, streamlined end-result. 

The micro-topping solution is also highly adaptable; it can be applied in a vast range of colours, and is also able to be manipulated to achieve a glossy, matt, textured or mottled finish.

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Keep your existing floor, change the look

Previously, worn and damaged concrete floors and surfaces would need to be completely replaced, however now micro-topping can be used to rejuvenate concrete floors and make them appear as new. This serves as both a more cost-effective and efficient option for freshening up concrete surfaces. 

The resurfacing process involves first preparing the existing concrete by cleaning with a special solution, filling any significant gaps and cracks and then layering with a new, thin layer of cement-based material that is mixed with a bonding agent to achieve a desired end-result.

The benefits of Microtopping

  • Micro-topping can be applied to achieve a polished concrete look without the need to install a full concrete floor. As such, it is both cost-effective and can be easily manipulated to suit a particular environment.
  • Micro-topping can be applied thinly (roughly 2-3 millimetres). As such, it allows for the transformation of a given environment without heavily impacting on the spatial dimensions or height restrictions of a space.
  • Unlike when laying a fully concrete floor, micro-topping does not need to be pumped into a space. It is therefore more cost-effective and can easily be applied in small spaces.
  • Micro-topping can be applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Micro-topping does not shrink after it’s applied, and is therefore not susceptible to cracking.
  • Micro-topping is water-proof and durable, making it a good option for bathrooms (including showers, basins and vanities), kitchen benches and exterior spaces.
  • Micro-topping is easy to clean and maintain.
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